Investment Management

Syracuse University’s Endowment

The Managed Endowment is invested with attention to the preservation of the fund’s real value and the protection of its purchasing power.  The Managed Endowment is comprised of approximately 2,500 individual endowments and was valued at approximately $1.85 billion, as of June 30, 2023.

Management and Oversight

The Investment and Endowment Committee (IEC) members are appointed by the Board of Trustees, and oversee the investment and management of the Managed Endowment fund.  In December 2019, the Committee appointed Partners Capital as the Outsourced Chief Investment Officer for the University. The funds are operationally managed by Partners Capital with daily governance and oversight by the CFO and Treasurer.


Spending from the Managed Endowment is determined through a unit distribution rate approved annually by the IEC. The annual distribution is calculated by applying a distribution rate, currently 3.79%, to the average unit values over the prior 36 months ended December 31st.