Service Requests

Please call 315.443.1234 for emergencies.

Maintenance & Repair
Examples: Building security/alarms (non-emergency), card access, custodial, fume hood service, heating/cooling (temperature control), light bulb change, lighting repair, lock/key repair, pest control, plumbing, roof leak, snow removal, structural repair.

Billed Service
Examples: Event support, lock core change/keys, new millwork (cabinets, shelving), moves

Residential and Dining Requests – Maintenance & Repair
Examples: Common area, housekeeping, electrical, furniture repair, heating, kitchen appliances, plumbing (for overflows or flooding call 315.443.1234), windows/screens

Residential and Dining Requests – Furniture Services
Examples: Bed height adjustment, bed removal, chair, desk, dresser, sofa, table
Note: Moving furniture to another location without contacting Facilities Services may result in a billing charge.

Advance Heating and Cooling Schedule Request
Note: If your request is being submitted with less than 24 hours notice, please also contact the 24-Hour Energy Management Operations Center at 315-443-1535.

Facility Study Request
Campus Planning, Design and Construction is Syracuse University’s facility advising, design and management team. To work with us on any facility planning, improvement, or alteration project, regardless of size or complexity, please submit a facility study request. If you are requesting a renovation to a laboratory space, in addition to your facility request please complete the following Laboratory Planning Questionnaire.

Examples: Add/remove utilities, add/remove doors, carpet change, new construction, new electrical (includes adding a light, changing light fixtures, adding outlets, etc.), paint color change, reconfiguration of space/furniture, room function change

Materials Distribution Pick-up/Delivery Form
This form allows any University department to request pick-up of confidential shredding, used toner cartridges, UPS/FedEx shipping. The form also allows for delivery of re-purposed excess property items and storage items from Hawkins Warehouse.

Excess Property Sale, Donation and Disposal Instructions
Deans, Directors and Department Heads may authorize the release of University property for donation, sale or disposal by signing a completed Excess Property Form. There may be restrictions on the sale of items purchased with grant or sponsored funds. Please contact Sponsored Accounting to ensure property purchased with sponsored funds is eligible for sale. The unauthorized sale or donation of University property is prohibited.

Storage Request Form
A University department may store items at Materials Distribution on either a short-term (monthly) or long-term basis (yearly). Please complete the storage request form using your NetID and password.  The associated fees are indicated on the form.

If you are requesting a change to building lock/unlock schedules, please contact your Building Coordinator.

Campus Art in Public Spaces (CAPS) Request
Please submit an Installation Proposal Form to the Campus Art in Public Spaces Committee to request the installation of public art on Campus.

Contact the Department of Public Safety (DPS). Call 24/7, 365 days a year at 315.443.2224. You can also reach DPS by dialing #78 (#SU) from your cell phone, or by dialing 711 from a campus landline.