Confidential Reporting Hotline

Overview of Ethics and Compliance Reporting

The foundations of ethical behavior at Syracuse University are a commitment to respecting the rights and dignity of all persons and a commitment to discharging our obligations to others in a fair and honest manner. Each person in the Syracuse University family plays an important role in keeping these commitments by demonstrating integrity and respect in his or her daily activities and in the performance of their responsibilities. This Code of Ethical Conduct establishes a statement of principles to guide the activities of all faculty, staff, and students. Policies at Syracuse University are created and maintained with the purpose of encouraging a culture of ethical, social, professional, and legal behavior. Policies serve to communicate Syracuse University’s values and mission while protecting its people and reputation.

Whistleblower Protection

As members of the University community, we recognize that we have a responsibility to conduct ourselves in a manner that will maintain and strengthen the public’s trust in the integrity of the University. The university’s Prohibition of Retaliation policy states Syracuse University prohibits and will not tolerate any form of retaliation toward a University trustee, officer, faculty or staff member, or volunteer for filing a good faith report of suspected fraudulent or unethical behavior or suspected violations of applicable laws, regulations, or University policy. Any individual who has been found to have participated in such retaliatory action will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Reporting a Concern

You can report a concern 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the Confidential Hotline. The Confidential Hotline is the primary mechanism to confidentially or anonymously report ethics, integrity, or compliance concerns to the University.

Report Complaints Regarding Inappropriate, Unethical, or Fraudulent Activity

Report Criminal Activity (on or near the Syracuse University campus)

Follow Up on a Complaint


Do not use this site to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property. Reports submitted through this service may not receive an immediate response. If you require emergency assistance, please contact your local authorities.

Other Reporting Avenues

Multiple avenues are available to report suspected or actual wrongful conduct, depending on your level of comfort. Find reporting options listed below. Regardless of which method you choose to use, it is important to speak up when you see wrongdoing or have concerns that someone has violated the law or university policies. You can also email any questions to

The following is a list of additional reporting contacts and resources organized alphabetically by subject matter of complaint.

Accessibility: The university is committed to making our physical and digital spaces accessible and usable to everyone, including people with disabilities. Barriers experienced that affects someone’s ability to access Syracuse facilities, services, websites, or other digital content should be reported.

Animal welfare: The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) office regarding animals in research, teaching or exhibition.

Athletics: For Syracuse University Athletics concerns, including NCAA compliance contact the Athletic Compliance-Office of Compliance

Bias Incident: Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to report possible bias incidents.

Environment, Health, and Safety:  Concerns regarding the environment, health, and safety (occupational, laboratory, construction, waste management, construction, and research) contact the Environmental Health and Safety Services (EHSS) department.

Equal Employment Opportunity and Access for faculty and staff: The Equal Employment Opportunity, Inclusion, Title IX provides consultative services and reporting mechanisms to assist staff with situations that involve allegations of unfair treatment, discrimination and affirmative action, as well as disability and religious accommodations.

Facilities Repair: Maintenance or repair work needs can be submitted to the Service Requests.

Financial misconduct: report concerns of fraud or financial irregularities to the Office of the Comptroller

Faculty Concerns and Grievances: Faculty can submit reports to their department head, or, where applicable, head of other pertinent academic unit, Dean, or Faculty Affairs. The process for filing a formal grievance is outlined in the Faculty Manual

Grade Appeals: Each school/college has a grade appeal process. Students should contact their dean’s office for the process specific to their school/college

HR Representative: Reports can be submitted to an employee’s HR Business Partner

Management: Reports can be submitted to an employee’s supervisor, department head, or, where applicable, head of other pertinent academic unit

Privacy: The Information Technology Services can assist on restricting use of your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Research Misconduct: Reports of observed, suspected, or apparent misconduct in research should be submitted to the Vice President of Research.

Sexual Harassment and/or violence: Should a student impacted by sexual assault, relationship violence, sexual harassment, or stalking choose to file a formal complaint, the following resources are available for reporting to any of the following:

Staff Compliant Resolution: Non-bargaining unit staff should submit complaints to their immediate supervisor, if this is not possible a four step resolution is available for Staff Complaint Resolution

Student Grievance: Students have the right to utilize any and all such administrative procedures to address concerns and/complaints in a timely a manner as possible and is available through the Student Grievance Process

University policy: for violations of University policy:  Office of Compliance or The Office of University Counsel

Government Reporting

You may also report concerns related to government grants or contracts directly to the government.

If you are unsure what to do, let the Office Compliance help you. For consultation or inquiry please email

If your report is an emergency, please call 911 or Syracuse University Department of Safety  at 315.443.2224