Excess Property Sale, Donation and Disposal Instructions

Deans, Directors and Department Heads may authorize the release of University property (see computer equipment exclusion/exception below) for donation, sale or disposal by signing a completed Excess Property Form. There may be restrictions on the sale of items purchased with grant or sponsored funds. Please contact Sponsored Accounting to ensure property purchased with sponsored funds is eligible for sale. The unauthorized sale or donation of university property is prohibited.

Computer Equipment

  • All laptops, monitors, desktop units and accessories are to be recycled through Materials Distribution (see Apple brand exception below).
  • Complete Excess Property Disposal Form, using your netid and password, to arrange for computer equipment pickup and removal.

All Syracuse University data must be permanently removed from all computing and communication equipment prior to transfer, disposition, or sale of said equipment to keep certain data such as application data, licensed software, licensing keys, passwords, email, and other sensitive information confidential. For more information, see the University policy on Data Removal from Computers and Portable Electronic Devices.

Apple equipment to be sold must be removed from the University’s Management System before the sale. Please email METT@syr.edu to make this request.

Donating University Property

  • Donations may only be made to organizations with a 501(C) status.
  • Complete the Excess Property Donation Form, using your netid and password.
  • The form requires the organization’s 501(C) DLN tax-exempt number.

Donation requests are reviewed by the Shaw Center for Public and Community Service and the Comptroller’s Office. The requesting department will be notified when their request has been reviewed.

Sale/Disposal/View University Excess Property


  • Complete the Excess Property Disposal Form, using your netid and password, to arrange for property pickup and removal by Materials Distribution.
  • Excess Property less than $500 is no longer sold at Hawkins and is only re-purposed on campus.
  • Materials Distribution will determine if the picked up property has a resale value. If no value is determined, property will be properly recycled or discarded.
  • Excess property sent to Materials Distribution (Hawkins Warehouse) and deemed to be in good working condition and reusable will be made available to claim by any university department for university use free of cost. Private individual/employee sales of Excess Property is no longer permitted. If the item is not re-purposed within 30 days, it will be properly recycled or discarded. A delivery fee will apply to any claimed item to be delivered to any department.


  • Excess property with a resale value greater than $500 may be sold on the Auctions International website.
  • Complete the Excess Property Disposal Form, using your netid and password, to determine if Materials Distribution will list the property on Auctions International. Departments will be credited 90% of the sale price.

Viewing Excess Property

University departments may contact Materials Distribution to request an appointment to view/acquire available excess property for university use at no charge.

Apple Brand Computers and Accessories

  • Complete the Excess Property Disposal Form, using your netid and password.
  • Apple equipment is to be sanitized per ITS standards and may be bundled and sold on Auctions International.com.
  • A resale value over $500 is required for bundling.
  • Departments will be credited 90% of the sale price.
  • Departments will store all items until sold. If items do not sell, Materials Distribution will pick up the bundle for disposal or recycling.


  • The sale or gifting of mobile telephones to staff, faculty or students is prohibited.
  • If cellular telephones are in usable condition, a department may keep the unit(s) on hand as loaners.
  • Materials Distribution will not sell mobile telephone devices.
  • Inoperative cellular telephones can be recycled by emailing surplus@syr.edu.