Materials Distribution

Materials Distribution is responsible for various shipping/receiving services, as well as storage and recycling options for University offices.

Excess Property
Deans, Directors and Department Heads may authorize the release of University property for donation, sale or disposal by signing a completed Excess Property Form. There may be restrictions on the sale of items purchased with grant or sponsored funds. Please contact Sponsored Accounting to ensure property purchased with sponsored funds is eligible for sale. The unauthorized sale or donation of university property is prohibited.

Move Crew
Request moving services. Please note this is a billed service.

Storage Request Form
A University department may store items at Materials Distribution on either a short-term (monthly) or long-term basis (yearly).    Please complete the storage request form using your netid and password.  The associated fees are indicated on the form.

Pick-up/Delivery Form
This form allows any University department to request pick-up of confidential shredding, used toner cartridges, UPS/FedEx shipping. The form also allows for delivery of re-purposed excess property items and storage items from Hawkins Warehouse.

Contact Us
Phone: 315-443-2446