FAB FAST Request

How to gain access to the SU FAST System

All areas of the University have a designated Information Coordinator (IC).

Who is my Information Coordinator?

Information coordinators listed by department [XLS file]. This IC must use the FAST system to request access to any of the financial systems

Questions can be directed to the security team at entsec@syr.edu.

Step One

Budget Managers and Grant Directors should complete the FAST Access Request Form [DOC] for their respective information coordinators providing the necessary data needed to request access to the FAB system. The form would be filled out for someone who needs access to any of the following:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Budget Manager
  • General Ledger
  • Purchasing
  • ePro
  • Sponsored Awards

Step Two

The Information Coordinator then enters the FAST request:

  1. Login to FirstStep Single Sign-On
  2. Click on the Button for FAST SSO Admin
  3. Click on the Menu item for Request Maintenance – Requestor
  4. Click on the Add Button
  5. Type in the login id of the person who is requesting access
  6. Select the connection: Prod PS9.1 FAB – Campus USE
  7. Click on the button for Page 2 (not Page 2 Big)
  8. Fill in the Request Information Section completely using the information you received from the Budget Manager or Grant Director from the FAST Access Request Form:
    1. Department Number(s)
    2. Program Number(s)
    3. Account Type(s) – revenues, expenses, assets, and/or liabilities
    4. Payroll Expenses (Note: This does not give access to the payroll system)
    5. Exempt and/or Non-exempt payroll expenses
    6. Project Number(s)
  9. Select the appropriate privilege(s) needed. An ‘A’ will appear in the white box next to the privilege.
  10. Visit the Financial Authority Overview page for a listing of privilege access descriptions
  11. In the Requestor Comment box, enter the Date and Your Initials and any additional comments or notes you’d like to communicate to the Data Custodian

The FAST request will be reviewed by the appropriate Data Custodian(s). Once approved, the access will typically be available the next business day.