Guiding Principles and Values

The Office of Budget and Planning operates with the highest level of integrity and professional conduct. The Office strives to support the University’s strategic financial resource allocation and budget management through:

  • Fiscal Responsibility: Review and analyze University financial resources to provide information and guidance that will optimize the use of available financial resources and serve as a foundation for forecasting models and long-range budget plans.
  • Service: Provide the highest level of service to the University community by assisting in the establishment of sustainable and resourceful budgetary practices to ensure fiscal stability and accountability, and promote the advancement of budget planning initiatives.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork: Facilitate cross-unit collaborations that provide the greatest potential for sharing budget and financial management best practices among units to strengthen resource opportunities and support a collegial environment.
  • Financial Leadership: Provide objective, accurate, and timely dissemination of budget and financial information to the University executive team, senior management, deans, budget managers and other key budgetary constituents.
  • Technical Expertise: Development and maintenance of the budget planning system and its supporting infrastructure; development of the data warehouse and integration of data for further financial analysis and reporting.
  • Reporting: Routine and ad hoc reporting on key performance measures and other essential budget information in support of the budget planning process.