Export Control Training


One of the most important responsibilities of a researcher is to be familiar with federal export control laws and regulations that may apply to certain research activities. Compliance with export controls is not only a legal requirement for individual researchers, but also their institutions. Thus, it is the responsibility of both the university as well as the individual researcher to understand and comply with export controls.

Individuals and institutions violating federal law and applicable regulations governing the conduct of export-controlled activities and exports are subject to civil and criminal penalties that can include fines, jail terms, suspensions, denial of export or research privileges, and debarment from government contracting.



Faculty, staff, and students will be designated to complete Export Control training by the ECO in the following circumstances (including, but not limited to):

  • Those specifically named on a Technology Control Plan (TCP)
  • Those who have requested authorization to travel internationally to OFAC sanctioned or high risk countries
  • Those who have requested authorization to ship export controlled or sensitive materials internationally



  1. How to register for training

First time CITI users register with CITI website

  • Click on “Register”
  • “Select Your Organization Affiliation”
  • Follow the instructions to affiliate with Syracuse University.


2. How to add the export control course to your CITI account

  • Log in to CITI by entering your Username and Password.
  • Add the Export Control course
    • From your Main Menu/ My Courses tab under “Institutional Courses”
    • Select the “View Courses” box next to Syracuse University.
      • If you do not see Syracuse University as an option, then please select “Affiliate with Another Institution” before selecting the Export Control course.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and locate the box labeled “Learner Tools for Syracuse University”
    • Select “Add a Course” and follow the prompts.


  1. Which modules should you complete

Once you have registered or logged in, you are ready to choose your course needs and learner group to begin the training.

The Export Control Course offers eleven modules:

  • Introduction to Export Compliance (ID: 16800)
  • Export Compliance for Researchers: Part I (ID: 16801)
  • Export Compliance for Researchers: Part II (ID: 16802)
  • Export Compliance for Research Administrators (ID: 16803)
  • Export Compliance and Biosafety (ID: 16805)
  • Export Compliance for Operational Departments (ID: 16806)
  • Export Compliance for International Shipping (ID: 16807)
  • Export Compliance and Purchasing (ID: 16808)
  • Export Compliance and International and Foreign Waters (ID: 16809)
  • Export Compliance and Collaborations (ID: 16810)
  • Export Compliance and United States Sanctions Programs (ID: 16812)


Additional Supplemental Training available

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) offers a series of online training seminars on export controls related to commodities covered by the EAR.