Auto Garage

The Syracuse University Auto Garage’s trained staff offers a range of diagnostic and repair services at hourly rates that are favorable versus private repair facilities, including:

  • Road service and towing
  • Annual NYS inspections
  • Routine oil changes
  • Tire balancing & repair
  • Safety inspections
  • Most non-warranty repairs

In addition to servicing conventional fleet vehicles, the Auto Garage staff services over 100 pieces of turf equipment, heavy machinery and snow removal equipment such as:

  • Mowers, trimmers, edgers
  • Backhoe
  • Pay loader
  • Skid steers & toolcats
  • Aerial lifts, bucket trucks
  • Plows & salters
  • Emergency & portable generators
  • GEM electric vehicles

Environmental Sustainability

Electric Salt Spreader

Gas powered salt spreaders have been replaced with electric powered versions, reducing harmful emissions in the air.

GEM Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have been added to the University fleet for use by maintenance workers to easier navigate campus without leaving the carbon footprint that a gas powered vehicle would.

Oil Filter/Can Crusher

Complying with EPA guideline, our heavy-duty shop crusher is designed to quickly and efficiently reduce cans and oil filters to less than 20% of their original size, while also removing up to 95% of the oil sludge trapped inside.

Used Oil Furnace

When oil that is used to lubricate the engines in University vehicles is changed, the old oil is recycled by using it to heat the Auto Garage.