Payments to Vendors

Requisitioning departments are responsible for ensuring submitted requisitions are for services or product received, and that the amounts are complete and accurate. Disbursements’ responsibility is for ensuring the requisitions are approved by authorized signers and that the invoice is properly processed. Please take extra care to ensure what is submitted for processing exists, and is complete and accurate.

U.S. Vendors

U.S. Vendors must submit a W-9 form which provides their SSN and a permanent home address in order to receive a payment from Syracuse University as a vendor.

The University is required to report payments of $600.00 or more made to vendors for services on form 1099-MISC to the recipient and to the IRS. Payments totaling less than $600.00 are not required to be reported.

Non-U.S. Vendors

A non-U.S. vendor must submit a W-8BEN form in order to receive a payment from Syracuse University.

Generally, payments to a non-U.S. vendor for services performed in the U.S. are taxable income, subject to withholding at 30%, and reportable to the vendor and to the IRS on Form 1042-S. Payments for services performed by non-U.S. vendors outside the United States are not taxable or reportable.

The existence of a tax treaty between the individual’s country of residence and the U.S. with a provision for such payments may result in an exception to the exception to the withholding requirement, if the individual meets the terms of the treaty.

If the payee is a non-resident alien individual who is a U.S. person for tax purposes (e.g., passes the substantial presence test), or business incorporated in the U.S., a W-9 form is required. Only the individual or business entity can make this determination.

Questions regarding payments to U.S. vendors should be directed to Disbursements Processing at 315-443-2484 or

Questions regarding payments to non-U.S. vendors should be directed to Payroll at 315-443-4042, option 2 or

Purchase Order Related:

If you receive an invoice directly from a vendor please verify the purchase order is present and correct, date and sign off on the invoice and email it to Disbursements Processing at

Payments that are Exceptions to the Purchase Order process:

A requisition form should be completed. Include the vendor name, address, business purpose, amount and chartstring. Obtain the appropriate signatures, attach the vendor invoice to the requisition and email it to Disbursements Processing at

Credit Card purchases:

Retain the receipt from your purchase and submit it with your JP Morgan Chase credit card monthly reconciliation that bills that charge.