Bursar FAQs


What are the course fee charges on my bill?

Some classes require additional expenses not covered by tuition. Typically, these fees are for extra materials for the class. Class fees are generally listed in the Schedule of Classes publication and on the MySlice class search website. An explanation of what class fees cover should be included on the syllabus or the student can speak with their professor, or department chairperson, or the Dean’s Office to find out exactly what the fees cover.

How much are late fee charges?

If the balance on the account is $499.99 or less, the fee is $85.00. If the balance on the account is $500.00 or greater, the fee is $120.00.

How do I pay my bill by electronic funds transfer (EFT) or credit card?

Visit the Make a Payment section of our website. The fee for credit card payments is charged by a third-party vendor contracted to process credit card payments for those wishing to use them for payment of their bill. It is not a fee charged by the University.

How can I view my bursar account online?

Go to MySlice, enter your NetID and password. You will see a tab for ‘Billing/Payments.’ Click on the tab to access your account information.

When will I receive a bill and when will it be due?

The main campus billing schedule is available here.

Tuition and Fees

Where can I find information about tuition, fees, and related policies?

Click here for the Syracuse University Tuition, Fees, and Related Policies Bulletin.

What impact does dropping a class after the financial deadline have on my tuition charges?

  • Undergraduate and Law students: If you choose to drop a course after the posted financial/academic drop deadline, you are financially responsible for that course. If the combination of hours registered and dropped after the financial deadline exceed 19 hours, you are charged the published per credit hour rate for each hour over 19. The financial deadline for each semester can vary depending on term, program, and/or class. Students should check the Financial Deadlines info available on their student account via MySlice.
  • Graduate students: If you choose to drop a course after the posted financial/academic drop deadline, you are financially responsible for that course.
  • Leave Of Absence/Withdrawal: We may adjust charges for a term based on the date of your leave/withdrawal. Please refer to the Tuition, Fees, and Related Policies Bulletin.


Information about refunds can be found here.

Monthly Payment Plan

Information about the monthly payment plan can be found here.

Housing and Meal Plans

How do I change my meal plan?

You may log on to MySlice or visit the Housing, Meal Plan, and I.D. Card Services office in 111 Waverly Avenue, Suite 111 to change your meal plan.

Who do I contact regarding lock core and room damage charges on my account?

Contact the Office of Student Living at 315.443.3637, or visit them at 111 Waverly Avenue, Suite 200, or contact Facilities Services at 315.443.4948.

How do I add ‘CUSE Cash funds?

You can add to your ‘CUSE Cash account via the GET Mobile App (‎GET Mobile on the App Store; GET Mobile on Google Play), via the GET Website, or you can log on to MySlice to add money to your account. The minimum purchase is $25.00 and will be billed to your University Bursar Account.

Financial Aid

How do I apply for additional financial aid such as loans, etc.?

Go directly to the Office of Financial Aid website. You can also contact their office by calling 315.443.1513 or via email.

Health & Wellness

What is the Health and Wellness Fee?

The Student Health and Wellness Fee is mandatory for full-time undergraduate students, College of Law students registered for 12 or more credits, and graduate students registered for nine or more credits. It supports a comprehensive array of health and wellness services and programs provided by the Barnes Center at The Arch, including Counseling, Health Care, and Health Promotion.

More information is available at The Barnes Center at The Arch website.

Health Insurance

Why am I being charged for health insurance?

A student’s health and well-being is crucial to their capacity to learn. To ensure students are prepared for medical situations that could create barriers to their learning, Syracuse University requires full-time, matriculated students to carry qualifying health insurance coverage. Through the Syracuse University Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), eligible students have access to comprehensive health care coverage.

How do I waive/enroll in the health insurance plan?

The health insurance enrollment and waiver must be completed every academic year for all full-time matriculated students. Please visit the Health Insurance website.


Who do I contact regarding parking charges?

All questions regarding parking charges, permits or fines, should be directed to Parking and Transportation Services at 315.443.4652. Please have your SUID number available.

Campus Store

Who bills my Campus Store charges?

The Syracuse University Campus Store is responsible for billing customers for any and all purchases made at the store on charge accounts. You may contact the Campus Store regarding any billing questions at 315.443.9950 during store hours.

Enrollment Verification

Who do I contact for enrollment verification?

The Registrar’s office can provide this information for you. You may contact them at (315) 443-2422 or visit their website for information.

Tax Information

When will I receive my 1098-T form?

Information about the 1098-T form can be found here.